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Workshops & Presentations

I am an experienced speaker and present on a variety of subjects. See my CV for a full listing.


Recently, I've been working on teaching the techniques I use in my practice.The best way to understand Teaching Babies to Nurse is through observation. I offer interactive workshops for experienced clinicians providing lactation support that include both didactic and experiential components.


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Interactive Workshops


Body Patterning: Babies are smart, adaptive, and sure of themselves. They do not enter a consult as an empty slate, but as a problem-solving human. To address breastfeeding problems, we need to first understand and respect the decisions infants have made to manage their environment. In this presentation we will review how to assess body patterning on and off the breast  (50 min).

Infant Suck: Our understanding of infant suck is improving rapidly. In this presentation, we will take an experiential approach to integrating the evidence with learned experience. We will learn how to work with the overlay of body dynamics on the science of infant suck (50 min).

Teaching Babies to Nurse:  This presentation will take the concepts from theory to practice, introducing techniques for treatment that address the suck at the breast, supporting it with simple techniques to encourage and support change off of the breast (50 min).

Two Case Studies: We will bring in two volunteer couplets for a lactation consult. Each couplet will be given 90 minutes for the consult, and then we will have 30 minutes to discuss the care given.



Body Patterning and Infant Suck: This presentation will cover body patterning on and off the breast and how to use observation and assessment tools to 'read' the breastfeeding couplet from the infant's perspective. (90 min).

Teaching Babies to Nurse:  This presentation will take the concepts from theory to practice, integrating tools for assessment and techniques for treatment (50 min).

Case Study: We will bring in a volunteer couplet for a lactation consult. 45 minutes will be designated for the consult, and then we will have 45 minutes for practice and discussion of the techniques and care given (90 min).

Recent Presentations



I also offer presentations that would be adaptable to a conference or other educational venues. topics include: 


New Ways of Thinking about Human Milk Feeding: Keynote Address at the Art of Breastfeeding, 2022


The Compensatory Mechanics of Suck for Babies with Oral Tethering: GOLD; September, 2019

Clinical Application of Infant Body Dynamics to Address Our Most Difficult Cases: International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA); July, 2019

Breastfeeding Research Methods Workshop: Quantitative Research: (in collaboration with Jen Yourkavitch, PhD MPH IBCLC) Pre-conference workshop for Breastfeeding and Feminism International Conference; March, 2019


The Role of Lactation in Mitigating Hypertension and Health Inequities:  New York City Breastfeeding Hospital Collaborative; February, 2019

Therapeutic Breast Massage of Lactation is Associated with Reduction in Antibiotic Use for Mastitis: International Lactation Consultant Association; July, 2018

Community Lactation Consulting: Tools for Planning and Building Your Outpatient Practice: (In collaboration with Rebecca Costello MPH IBCLC, and Nicola Singletary PhD MAT IBCLC), United States Lactation Consultant Association; May, 2018

– other presentations detailed in my CV

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